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It is important to ensure that your budget it adequate before you get half way through the construction of your pond so here is a list of items, which you should consider. If your budget will not stretch to the full cost then you must either consider a smaller pond or add items such as Fountain pumps or an ultra violet clarifier (UVC) at a later stage but make sure that you know the specification of such items, so as to allow for their later installation.


  • Turf, slabs, Pebbles, rocks, Bricks, Wooden Decking, Cement etc.

Building Materials

  • Concrete, Cement, Bricks, Blocks, Reinforcement etc.


  • You can use non-woollen carpet or sand but the proper geotextile underlay is far neater and lasts.


  • Don’t skimp on this, as it is the one item, which you really do not want to replace. We use and recommend top quality 0.75mm butyl.

Filter Pump

  • Needs to be able to deliver 50-75% of ponds volume p/hour to the filter and at the appropriate head.


  • Needs to be suitable for the ponds volume and must be able to handle the pumps full flow.


  • Your Ultraviolet Clarifier should be suitable for the ponds volume and must be able to handle the pumps full flow.

Pipe work & Fittings

  • Can become costly. Allow for the return from filter.


  • Ensure suitable Depths are available, read their tags; most will grow rapidly, pots, compost.


  • 2” per sq. ft of surface area, minimum is 1000 gall if for koi, remember that they will breed and never add too many fish in one go.

Maintenance Equipment

  • Vacuum, Nets, Dechlorinator, Fish food etc.


  • Circuit Protection, Cable, junction boxes, Lights.

Professional Help

  • Bricklayer, Electrician, Hired Tools, Skips etc.


  • Don't forget to allow for any ornaments and surrounding plants or features.