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Pond Filtration

There are a great number of different makes, models and styles of filter available and so these are some basics you will need to know before you part with your hard earned cash.


  1. Check if the claimed pond size for the filter is for a koi pond or a goldfish pond, this is because koi ponds require twice the filtration of goldfish ponds
  2. How easy is the maintenance going to be?
  3. Will it fit into your planned pipe work system?
  4. If you go for a bottom drain system you must ensure the water is at the same level as that of the pond.
  5. Has the filter got a drainage point to allow easy emptying when cleaning?
  6. Brushes trap large debris and must only be cleaned with pond water.
  7. Foam sheets or blocks trap the small particles and require regular cleaning, plastic media builds up bacterial colonies it’s essential to have plenty. Be careful to properly budget for all pipe work and fittings these can really run up the cost especially on a large system.
  8. Ensure that you are going to have enough aeration for the pond, as your filter will use some oxygen to perform its biological function.