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Pond Safety


Child Safety

Put children and water together and you have an irresistible playground where lives are at risk. Always ensure that children are supervised whilst playing in a garden where there is an accessible pond. You may think that it is very shallow but children can drown in less than 6 inches of water. Also simply because your child can swim do not be deceived. Children must be brought up with a respect for ponds, as children can fall in and get caught in weeds/plants and still get into trouble. Whenever possible make sure your pond is covered or cordoned off to ensure your children (and others visiting you) are safe. If it is not possible to make your pond safe ensure that there is adequate adult supervision when children are playing in the garden.




Electricity and water are another dreadful combination. If you decide to install electric’s in your garden, whether to a pond or water feature (or even garden lighting) ensure you know what you are doing. Make sure that suitable waterproof connectors/junction boxes are used and always protect the circuit with an RCD (Residual Current Device - circuit breaker). Ensure the power is off to the area you plan to work on and make sure everyone in the house is aware why you have switched the circuit off as you do not want someone switching it back on by mistake. If you are unsure at all about electric’s then contact a qualified electrician to ensure peace of mind and your own personal safety. Never perform maintenance on any equipment which is mains connected without first switching it off. Also ensure your hands are dry before touching any electrical connections.




These can have similar curiosities to children when it comes to a pond (except your children probably won't fancy the fish for lunch). Ponds where the water level is lower than arms/paws reach soon lose their appeal to cats, especially ones with a sheer drop down. This does however cause problems if they fall in as getting out again may be too difficult. A neighbour of ours once lost their rabbit as this used to have full run of their garden but fell in and couldn't get out. If your pet does fall in and does get out then often damage can be caused to liners due to clawing their way out. A good indication something has fell in and got out like this is when your water level suddenly drops due to a punctured liner. These can be repaired however. If you have pets which are liable to fall in to your pond, ensure they have an adequate escape route. This also assists any wildlife which falls in such as frogs, newts and hedgehogs. Placing a net/frame over the pond can act as a deterrent and also deters herons and seagulls.


Construction Safety

It is very important that you are aware of certain hazards that can be present during the construction of a pond. These include the following.

  • Water and electricity can be a lethal combination if not properly installed.
  • All of your pond and other outdoor electrical equipment should be properly protected against earth leakage. This also includes any electrically powered tools used outside.
  • Standing in the excavation presents the risk of the sides collapsing onto you, ensure adequate protection in deep excavations.
  • Take practical precautions to ensure that nobody inadvertently falls into the excavation.
  • Do not leave dangerous tools or materials lying around the work site.
  • It is always advisable to have somebody else at hand, in case you should have an accident.
  • Pond Liners, Rocks, slabs and other building materials can be very heavy so take great care when lifting or digging and seek assistance when necessary.